Automatic Orbital Tube Welding Offers in Terms of Productivity

Created at :   Dec 05 2022

Automatic orbital tube welding is a process that utilizes advanced methods to join and weld metal parts together. This process can be used to create seamless tube joints, making it the perfect option for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing. It is much more efficient than manual welding because the entire process is automated from start to finish with no human intervention required. 

Correct Angles and Dimensions

The first step of automatic orbital tube welding involves prepping the materials for joining by cutting them into equal sizes at the correct angles and dimensions. After this step, an arc is created between two or more tubes which melts the joint area. A filler material may be added if needed before the arcs are moved in an orbital pattern around the circumference of each pipe section – this is what gives the process its name. The arc then melts the filler material and joins the metals together into a single piece.

Tighter Tolerances Than Traditional Welding Techniques

This welding process allows for better control of weld penetration and uniformity when compared to manual methods, giving finished products much tighter tolerances than traditional welding techniques. In addition, it can produce faster welding speeds with less deformation in materials, reducing time spent on post-weld treatments such as straightening or grinding. 

Significant Distortion

Automatic orbital tube welding has numerous advantages over other types of metal joining processes – it requires minimal skill level, reduces labor costs associated with manual welding, produces strong welds with no porosity or significant distortion, and can be used on a wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and various alloys. It is also more efficient than manual welding since the entire process can be automated with no human intervention required.

Traditional Welding Techniques

Overall, this kind of automatic welding is an indispensable tool in many industrial applications due to its numerous advantages over traditional welding techniques – it offers faster speeds, greater accuracy and precision, reduces labor costs associated with manual welding, and produces strong welds without any porosity or significant distortion. With its versatile range of materials and increased efficiency over manual processes, this style of welding technology is growing more popular every day. Contact T & W Valve and Machine Co., Inc. to learn more!