Discover the Importance of Safety Relief Valves

Created at :   Nov 21 2022

Safety relief valves are essential to protect a system or equipment from over pressurization. They are designed to open and release pressure when the pressure in the system reaches a certain predetermined level, allowing it to return to its normal operating pressure. This is important as overpressure can cause damage to system components and could even lead to an explosion. Safety relief valves come in various sizes, materials, and styles depending on their application, but all must have some common features including accurate set points and fast-acting response times. 

Properly installed safety relief valves help ensure safe operation of any pressurized system.  When installing these safety valves, it is important that they are properly sized for the specific application. A valve must be able to handle the pressure, flow rate and capacity of the system. The material used must also be selected based on the temperature, chemical composition and other characteristics of the fluid being processed in the system. It is important to select a valve that can meet all these criteria so it can open as soon as possible when needed for protection. 

Signs of Damage or Wear

In addition to selecting the proper size and material, it is also important that relief valves are maintained regularly to ensure they are operating correctly. This includes testing them regularly to ensure they open at the correct pressure and inspecting them visually for signs of damage or wear. Proper installation, maintenance, and testing of these valves help ensure safe operation of pressurized systems and reduce the risk of failure due to overpressure. 

T&W Valve and Machine Co., holds the respected "VR" certification from the National Board authorizing the repair of machine and weld on section VIII Air and Liquid, Section I Steam Safety Valves. Our Shop capabilities include and are not limited to:

 Air Stand - 1200 psi. 25 cubic feet accumulator.

 Liquid Stand - 1450 psi. 15 cubic feet accumulator

 Steam Stand - 1750 psi. 2750 psi. with AVK. 100 cubic feet accumulator.

 Liquid with Hydraulics 10,000 psi lift only.

 The company is also "R" Stamp certified from the National Board giving the added advantage of ONE Company to repair and replace any section 1 safety valves. Call today to find out more!