The Gamma Plug is Designed to Be a Low-Cost and Effective Solution

Created at :   Dec 01 2022

The gamma plug is a revolutionary new radiographic device that can detect gamma radiation in an enclosed environment. This device operates by detecting the Cherenkov radiation produced when high-energy gamma rays interact with matter. It consists of a sensitive photocell and other key components, which together detect and measure gamma radiation levels in the surrounding area. The gamma plug is incredibly simple yet effective and provides quick, accurate readings.

Radiation Levels in a Sealed Environment

The gamma X-ray plug is designed to be a low-cost and effective solution for detecting gamma radiation levels in a sealed environment. This unique and innovative plug is ideal for many different applications including industrial, medical, emergency and environmental monitoring. It can also be used to detect gamma radiation in the atmosphere or from nuclear type explosions or reactors, making it an invaluable tool in emergency situations. It is an indispensable device that offers many advantages. 

A Host of Other Specified Materials

Overall, the gamma radiographic plug provides convenience and accuracy when measuring gamma radiation levels in a variety of sealed conditions. It is an easy-to-use device that can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of gamma radiation detection and measurement. With its cost effectiveness, accuracy and overall measuring capabilities, this device is perfect for anyone looking for an efficient way to monitor gamma radiation levels in an internal environment. The gamma plugs are typically available in A105, F11, F22, F91, F92, or stainless or a host of other specified materials. 

Radiographic Inspection of Pipe Butt Welds

Radiographic as well as gamma type plugs (i.e. Access Hole Plugs, Gamma Plugs, or X-Ray Plugs) are designed to be inserted or can also be seal welded to close access holes used for the radiographic inspection of pipe butt welds. This is often necessary where the radiographic source is situated on the inside of a pipe.  These unique plugs are manufactured in accordance with PFI ES-16. They are vital to industry and manufacturing today. Contact T & W Valve and Machine today to find out more.